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Boost Your Apartment In Mike and Rachel Style — Suits

New’Suits’ episodes are on and the show is more exciting than ever before. Mike Ross, Harvey Specter’s business partner and best friend is accused of a fraud, and the company is giving their very best to head from this mess unscathed. Knowing all their abilities, I do not doubt in their success.

During the previous year Mike and Rachel got engaged and started to live together, so we’ve all noticed their beautiful flat. I took a couple of screenshots from the past two episodes and chose to explore the apartment a bit deeper. So I found some similar furniture in certain US online furniture shops that you might like if you also enjoy their interior layout style.


Rachel and Donna in Kitchen

Mike and Rachel’s kitchen is amazing, white and spacious contemporary space with a small rustic touch. All of the furniture is simple and stylish, such as Rachel.

Dining Chair



Cost: $620.00 (Set of 4)

Modern Tub Chairs are the right option for you if you prefer the dining seats in the set. It is created in a mid century modern fashion, and it seems perfect in any modern space. The seat/back is a translucent, and the seat is designed in mid-century contemporary style, inspired by the fashionable look from the 1950’s.

Retro Refridgerator



Cost: $2,999.00

This gorgeous white retro refrigerator looks pretty much alike the true fridge from’Suits’ set. Its style is inspired by 50’s allure, and it is going to surely add a special touch to your kitchen, as it will to Mike and Rachel’s.

Dining Table


John Boos Cucina Americana Counter Height Extendable Dining Table

Price: $773.00

Cucina Americana Counter Height Extendable Dining Table from John Boos is a similar to the dining table in the set. This table is a superb addition to your contemporary kitchen. Its base is constructed of a stainless steel, although the top is maple wood. The table is in the Cucina Americana collection, and you can mix it with other products.


Living Room


The living area is designed in a contemporary fashion, and also the fireplace provides a distinctive touch to the space. Each of the pieces of furniture is simple and contemporary, and also the dominant colors are brown and beige.

Coffee table


Lexington Carrera Coffee Table

Price: $1,429.00

Carrera Coffee Table by Lexington is a bit different from a coffee table at the picture over, but it fits very nicely for this interior design style. This coffee table comes with a metallic gray aluminum base, tempered painted gray glass top and glass shelf under. This item is owned by the Carrera collection.

Wireframe End Table



Price: $399.00

Wireframe End Table from Gus Modern looks pretty much the very same os the one from the set. This end table was made in an industrial fashion, so it will bring a unique look to your living room. The framework is made of a powder-coated steel while the shirt is a gorgeous cross-grained plywood with exposed edges.




Cost: $1,299.99

Gold Sparrow Detroit Sofa looks great from the interiors such as Mike and Rachel’s living room. It is a chic and cozy piece of furniture that looks great in any modern house, and it never uttered the fantastic look.



Their bedroom is casually designed area, with a white as a dominant colour. Its big white mattress takes the most of the bedroom space. The room is adorned with a few beautiful paintings, among them has a bicycle motif, as the one from a living area. There’s nothing unusual about it, knowing what a bicycle fan is Mike.




Price: $1,129.00

Alcantara Velvet Diamond Tufted Upholstered Wingback Panel Bed is a gorgeous panel bed using a classic and timeless design that will incorporate a glam to your own master bedroom, and at precisely the same time, it looks much alike the 1 mattress out of the set. This bed can be found in many different colors, so it can look great in any bedroom, so whichever color is a dominant one.




Traditional brown dresser

Price: $680.99

Regent Dresser by Powell Furniture is a bit different from the dresser at the picture over, but I couldn’t find something more similar and I believe that it would fit very well in a bedroom like the one in the set. It features eight drawers, the top drawers are lined with brown felt and reduced with cedar.

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