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7 Particular Coffee Tables With Sculpture Base

If you prefer the pieces of furniture with a exceptional appearance, and you love a beautiful, oriental design in interior design, then you need to have a look at this article that provides an overview of seven glass top coffee tables using unique sculpture bases.

Great Egyptian Pyramid Coffee Table


Cost: $511.86

Great Egyptian Pyramid Coffee Table will certainly add the original appearance to your living space and make it special. Its top is made of glass, and the base is sculpture that symbolizes a Giza Pyramid. This coffee table also offers a concealed storage. The structure is an excellent designer resin, therefore it’s also strong and durable.

Jaipur Elephant Festival Coffee Table


Price: $313.50

Jaipur Elephant Festival Coffee Table is a beautiful coffee table which reflects the exotic styling of Holi, an Indian festival where elephants lift their trunks as a symbol of good fortune to the coming year. So, this particular piece of furniture might also bring a fantastic chance to your house. :)

Warwickshire Dragon Coffee Table with Glass Top


Cost: $420.66

Warwickshire Dragon Coffee Table with Glass Top is the perfect piece of furniture for your home if you or your children are fans of paintings (of only Game of Thrones). Its top is made from glass, and the building is an excellent designer resin with a stone finish.

Three Heads of Tutankhamen Sculptural Coffee Table


Cost: $728.99

If you’re a lover of history of Egypt, then this piece of furniture will match perfectly to your property. This coffee table features a high-quality glass high, it’s hand-painted and completed in Faux Gold Leaf.

Egyptian Luxor Sculptural Glass-Topped Coffee Table


Cost: $568.86

Egyptian Luxor Sculptural Glass-Topped Coffee Table is the sole piece of furniture on this list which has a rectangular shape. This coffee table is the ideal combination of a style and function that will add a special, historical look for you home. It’s also a high quality product that will look good for several decades.

Egyptian Barge into The Beyond Coffee Table


Price: $454.86

Egyptian Barge to The Beyond Coffee Table is a stylish, oval coffee table that will add an Egyptian design combined with modern style to you home. This java table is hand-painted with a pencil-edged oval glass top. The base is plactic/acrylic.

Elephant’s Majesty Coffee Table with Glass Top


Cost: $340.86

Elephant’s Majesty Coffee Table with Glass Top is similar to the next product in the guide, but its design a bit different. This coffee table represents African elephant, a mother, and calf that makes a synergy of function and style which also celebrates a character of this majestic, beautiful creatures.

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